Redefining Yourself Without Others

Redefining Yourself Without Others

redefining yourselfIt’s estimated that one in four women and one in six men are affected by domestic abuse in their lifetime: experiences of emotional and physical trauma in relationships are unfortunately far more common than we think. When trauma stems from a relationship with another person, the effects often feel entirely out of our control. Especially after a breakup, people tend to feel that their body and their environment are clouded with memories of their former relationship. That’s why it is particularly important to spend some time rediscovering yourself and your space without that person. 

Looking To Yourself And Not To Others

When we lose someone from our lives, we are forced on a path of self-discovery. At the very least, we have to readjust our daily routine to exclude that person. It is understandable, therefore, that many people turn to an outside source to help and guide them through the process. It is completely natural – and beneficial – to turn to trusted friends, family or therapists to provide a support network. 

Yet to make matters worse, the internet is filled with people hoping to profit from the misfortune of the broken-hearted. So-called relationship gurus have a new purpose. From paid video tutorials to eBooks and spam newsletters, online “experts” have turned emotional pain into the foundation for a marketable self-help industry. Often these resources do more harm than good. Instructing people on ways to recover their relationship can be a misleading remedy that causes people to fixate on their former partner. Rather than harboring false hopes, people should first and foremost turn inwards for ways that they can heal and grow from their experiences. 

Nurture The Body, Nurture The Mind

When talking about physical or emotional stress, it’s difficult to separate the two. The mind and body are so interdependent that nurturing one nurtures the other. Scientists have long hailed the benefits of physical exercise for weight management, agility and disease prevention. However, research also highlights the benefits of physical activity for mental wellbeing. If you’re experiencing high levels of stress, anger or depression, it is increasingly recommended to spend more time outside – whether that involves taking up an outdoor activity or even just going for a walk. There appears to be an undeniable correlation between spending time in a natural space and fostering a clearer mental space. 

We may be experiencing emotional trauma solely as psychological pain. Even then, it is important to focus on nurturing ourselves as a whole – both mind and body. By focusing our attention inwards, we allow ourselves the time to reconnect with our feelings, our body, and our environment. Only then can we begin to move forwards.

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One Response to Redefining Yourself Without Others

  1. bethelbee says:

    Glennon Doyle, author of Untamed, among other people, talks a lot about not defining yourself by what others think or feel about you, or what society ‘dictates’ how we should think, feel or act, but by our own inner selves and we feel and think on our own and not compare ourselves to others. Be true to your self and nurture yourself. If you compare yourself to others you are not being true to yourself. Obviously easier said than done for some.

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