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A collection of relevant articles, news and snippets.  We make every effort to keep you up to date with the world around us from a Survivor perspective.
Support Map
We have compiled a list of support groups and organisations that are neatly displayed on an interactive ‘google map’ so you can easily see what resources are near you.
Find a Therapist
Submit your details, answer a few simple questions about your location and requirements and we will get back to you.

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This section provides links to organisations and services that survivors or their advocates may find useful.
Survivors’ Letters
A collection of letters submitted by survivors that provide hope, inspiration and direction.
Quiet Corner Poetry/Writing
A collection of poetry, stories and quotes, submitted by survivors.

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By subscribing to our organisation you will be kept up to date with news and updates.  You will also receive our free HAVOCA Survivor Newsletter
Join our forums
The infamous HAVOCA Survivor Forum is the largest online community for Adult Survivors in the world.  Join our community today and meet other like minded survivors.
Survivors Gallery
Art can be a huge help when dealing with an abusive past.  Our galleries showcase a mix of art submitted by fellow Survivors.

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help support adult victims of child abuse
HAVOCA’s Bookshop
A collection of survivor related books, self help and biographies brought to you in association with Amazon
HAVOCA’s Giftshop
Our giftshop is a way for us to generate revenue – it provides a handy one stop shop for all your needs.
We co-produce a self-help booklet for victims of sexual abuse.  Profits from the sale of these books go directly back into HAVOCA.

Survivors networkSurvivors Network Map
HAVOCA has teamed up with Google Maps to allow Survivors to add their location to the map of the world. Our reason for doing so are two fold; Education and Awareness.

Find the answers to frequently asked questions to the HAVOCA team.

14 Responses to Resources

  1. Traci Oberman says:

    I’m a survivor of child sexual abuse. I would like the self help booklet.

  2. josie kline says:

    i have been sexual abuse for a least 43 years and i am 47 i would like to be able to tell my story and try to help other. and be able to get support for my self.

    • HAVOCA says:

      Hi, thanks for leaving a comment on our website. It sounds like you’d benefit from joining our forums.

    • judy says:

      Josie I was sexually physically and mentally abused by my step father from the age of 7 until he raped me when I was 17. ive struggled with substance abuse and mental illness all my life the worst being ptsd. and then I found a new treatment called emdr google it. it saved my life

      • Kat Hale says:

        Hi josie and judy,
        I also have had EMDR for childhood sexual abuse. It’s a great therapy/ treatment if there’s anyone who hasn’t had it.
        It literally saved my life too.

        Lots of love everyone
        Kat xxx

  3. ianmcelwain says:

    I was abused raped as kid in home run by Irish Christian brotherhood Scotland in 1982 in 2014 6 members charged lot crimes against boys. 8 wks ago 2 them brother Paul Kelly got 10 years head teacher John farell got 5 years. Got away so many other abuse charges. so happy in jail were belong. I’m struggling help out here were they get all help in prison,on waiting list see phycologist in temporary horrible flat I struggling hate asking help. embarrassed wat happened me can’t talk. read lot stories on website you all amazing people who been done wrong by people, yous hold no shame came through nightmares still here that says lot, pray all yous stories that read in USA UK god bless yous. me just need struggle some more. kind regards ian

  4. Marianne H unt says:

    Why is it my fault that I was born to a child abuser, and had to endure a life of rape and mental abuse, then be brave enough to stand up in court and get him sent to prison, I have been diagnosed with PTSD, yet because I was born 60 years ago I cannot claim compensation, it’s not my fault. Can anyone help me

    • douglas Simpson says:

      Did you get a reply yet/?

      MY life is destroyed from family abuses. I am 60 and it gets dismissed. They use mental illness a substitute for justice or compensation

  5. Christine Hilton says:

    I need financial help as a survivor but cannot claim compensation as it was before 1979, another kick in the teeth! My dad had ptsd , he was a war veteran who helped liberate Belsen concentration camp.

  6. Tiffany says:

    Who do I seek justice through? Do I call police or Attorney General? There are no statute of limitations here in Texas.

  7. heartfyre says:

    Are there resources for things like medical or dental for survivors of child abuse?

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