Proud To Be Me by The Lantern Project in association with HAVOCA. Proud_to_be_meThis 36 page booklet has been written and produced with the initial healing process in mind. It was masterminded by a fellow survivor, Peter Andrews, and co-written by our Trustee, Jamie Harms. Together they have combined their own experiences and welded together a solid platform for the journey that victims of abuse find themselves embarked upon. It is informative, supportive and extremely compassionate.

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6 Responses to Booklets

  1. shama mungroo says:

    Proud To Be Me
    by The Lantern Project in association with HAVOCA. I would like to order a copy I live in New Jersey in the USA what is the cost.

  2. John Chamblee says:

    How do I change? I’ve never abused.
    But my head is truly screwed up.
    I have trust issues.
    I pretty much live in my own world.

    • Debbie says:

      John – I just found this website myself. I very close male friend of mine is a victim of abuse and told me the same things you said. I am looking to better understand so I can help him as a friend and someone who cares. I suggest to you as I have supposed to my friend go see a therapist if there is anyway possible. Help is out there and people care. It can get better.

  3. Sandra says:

    is there any way I can still get the book?

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