Making Your First Post

Making your first post

1       Log in

Follow the link given to you in the welcome email.  This is the same one you used to activate your account.  Alternatively go directly to the index page:

The above link is case sensitive.

Enter the username and password you used when registering for the site.  You should now be logged in.

2       Index Page Forum

After logging in you will be taken to the index page which is normally full of all the available forums.  As this is the first time you have logged in you will only be able to see the Introduction forum.

Click on the title of the forum.  In this example click on the ‘Introduction’ forum.

3       Introduction Forum

Now you have clicked on the Introduction forum that you found on the index page, you will be able to see the topics that already exist.

To create your first post, click on the button near the top of the page. Alternatively you can read what others have said I their introductions by clicking on the titles of their posts.  Please note until your first post has been written and authorized by a moderator you will only be able to read other intro posts and you won’t be able to reply to them.

4       Introduction Forum

When you click the ‘NewTopic’ button on the intro forum you will be taken to a page where you can compose your message.  Write a title, write a message and then click the submit button.

Please note that if you compose a long message or take a long time to hit the submit button you would be wise to copy the body of the message before hitting the submit button.  Occasionally, and depending on your computer, if you hit submit and your log in has been timed out you may lose your message – this can be very frustrating!

5    Why Write an Introduction

We ask new members to write an introduction post so that the community get to know them a little before they start posting on the main boards. It stands to reason that you wouldn’t just join in a conversation with some strangers before saying ‘hi’ and making that first introduction.

It also allows HAVOCA to filter out any unwanted members or automatic forum trolls that don’t have genuine motives for being here.

We understand that your first post is a daunting experience so here are some guidelines to help you make that post.

6   How to Write your First Post

First and foremost don’t give anything away about yourself or situation that you would be uncomfortable sharing in the real world. Its very easy to open up on an internet forum, especially in the relative safety of an abuse forum, but remember that no matter how hard HAVOCA tries we can not keep this place 100% secure. Technically anyone who wishes to spend the time to join can do. They can also keep any ulterior motive well hidden. So be safe, don’t share any personal information and remain vigilant.

Your intro doesn’t need to be too verbose. We recommend a few paragraphs at most. Things you might like to include:

What you’d like to be known as (your forum nick name, usually your forum username)
Why you are here
What you hope to gain from the community
What you’d like to give back to the community
A little bit about yourself (hobbies, likes/dislikes etc)

Of course this list isn’t inclusive but will hopefully give you some ideas to get started.

Lastly take a look at other posts in the introduction forum for ideas about what makes a good Intro.

Once you’ve written your introduction and ‘submitted’ it then it will be queued for a moderator to approve it. As soon as it is approved you will be notified and you will automatically have access to the full boards.

Any questions please feel free to contact us

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