HAVOCA’s Survivors’ Network Map

HAVOCA'S Survivors' Network Map

HAVOCA’s Survivors’ Network Map

HAVOCA has teamed up with Google Maps to allow Survivors to add their location to the map of the world.

Our reason for doing so are two fold; Education and Awareness.


We want to show the world how many survivors are impacted by childhood abuse.  Visually a map can be a powerful tool.  It shows the extent of abuse and shows that abuse knows no boundaries.  Used in conjunction with our Survivors Survey we can combine the results to provide an accurate picture to authorities and organisations.[/ezcol_1half]


Secondly, and more importantly, it is a visual aid to other Survivors.  It shows them that they aren’t alone. In fact there may be a survivor close by – just knowing they aren’t alone can be an empowering part of the healing journey. Volunteer your details now and become part of the project.[/ezcol_1half_end]

Add your location to the map

Before volunteering your location please consider the following safety points:

Privacy:  The information you provide will be displayed exactly how you provide it.  Therefore if you are concerned about your privacy please only provide information you are comfortable sharing.

Safety: HAVOCA takes safety extremely seriously. We recommend you only provide an approximate location, rather than your exact position.  We also recommend you provide a nickname. If you are a member of our forums, you might like to use your forum username; that way other forums members who live close by may be able to PM you.

Use this form to submit your details

HAVOCA's Survivors' Network Map
We need this information to make sure we put your location in the right country!

Thank you for being part of this project!

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