Take a Break

 Take a Break

We all need to take a break from time to time – even during recovery! Have a look at the links below and see if anything catches your eye!

GET YOUR BRAIN WORKING – Puzzles, Mind Games and Optical Illusions to Get Your Brain Working – sent to us by Lily. Thanks Lily! 

Brain Games and Riddles – especially for Dakota. Brain games are special kinds of games that exercise your mind while you play.

Crazyfads.com– Read about fads from the past: hula hoops, pet rocks,goldfish swallowing, flagpole sitting, mood rings, Smurfs and more.

MysticalBall.com – This website will read your mind. It uses a magical crystal ball to know what you are thinking. Sounds crazy, but it works.

PhoneSpelling.com– What does your phone number spell? Also try Anagramsite.com to see what words your name spells when the letters are re-arranged.

ChickenJoke.com – Funny answers to the question “why did the chicken cross the road?”.

RadioLovers.com – Listen to hundreds of old time radio shows online for free: Superman, Abbott and Costello, Sherlock Homes, Groucho Marx, Buck Rogers, The Avenger, Gunsmoke, and many others.

CyberFireworks.com – Create your own virtual fireworks show.

FindVideos.com – Watch music videos for free online, courtesy of the major record labels. Thousands to choose from: Eminem, Blink 182, J-Lo, Pink, Nelly, Everclear, Jewel, Linkin Park, Shaggy, Ja Rule, Korn, and more.

Stupid Videos – Hundreds of videos of people doing stupid stuff: pranks, accidents, funny animals, crazy stunts, etc. Like America’s Funniest Home Videos but much better

GoodQuotes.com – proverbs, bumper stickers, silly quotes, Murphy’s laws, gravestones, pickup lines, mistranslations, celebrity quotes, answering machine messages, famous last words and more.

CrazyThoughts.com – A funny list of life’s unanswered questions.

OxymoronList.com – The largest list of oxymorons (contradictory words) ever collected online.


Guess The TV Show or Movie – Think of a tv show or movie name, and the computer will try to guess which one. Also try Guess the Dictator and/or Television Sit-Com Character.

Online Pranks – Play practical jokes on your friends and family on the Web.

DigitalFilms.com – Make your own animated movie for free online. Choose a background scene, characters, animated actions, dialog, introduction, and ending credits. Put your name as the director and email the movie to your friends.

FreakyDreams.com – Find out what your dreams mean by using this online dream analyzer. Type in your dream to have it instantly interpreted.
VideoParodies.com – Funny music video parodies of Britney Spears, Eminem, Metallica, Backstreet Boys and more.
Virtual Bubble Wrap – If you like popping real bubble wrap, try this online version.
The Legend of the Rocket Car – A long, fascinating, and possibly true story about four guys who attach a jet engine to their car. You might also like this story: The Lawn Chair Pilot.
Bored.com Horoscopes – Check your horoscope, updated daily.
Slipups.com – A database of amusing bloopers or mistakes in movies or tv shows that weren’t caught, and made their way to the viewing public. Also try eeggs.com which lists amusing hidden tidbits that were put there on purpose.
Drew’s Script-O-Rama – Read hundreds of TV and movie scripts. For more scripts, visit Script Crawler.
Sending Fun – Funny animations you can send to your friends.
LemonadeGame.com – Setup an online lemonade stand and see how much lemonade you can sell. Based on the weather forcast for each day, you decide how much to charge per cup and how much inventory to buy.
CyberCones.com – Create a virtual ice cream cone or hot fudge sundae, or email one to a friend.
HotConcerts.com – Watch full length concert videos of your favorite bands for free over the Web: Sting, Coldplay, Michelle Branch, Linkin Park, Teh Corrs, Missy Elliott, Tori Amos, and more.
MonitorCamera.com – Take your photo online for free. Because of a new breakthrough in web technology, you can now take a picture of yourself using your computer monitor. No special equipment needed.
CyberParodies.com – Listen online to funny song parodies of Britney Spears, Eminem, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, George Bush, and many more.
TimeLab 2000 – A fun look at history. Find out about how Frisbee started, the first official Christmas, the greatest hoax in history, the first music video, and more.
Bored.com Weekly Crossword Puzzle – Our entertainment crossword puzzle that you can solve online. Updated every week.

BigCelebrities.com – Web sites for over 15,000 celebrities: actors, actresses, musicians, supermodels, movie stars, athletes, and comedians. Also get the latest hollywood gossip and entertainment news, or buy celebrity products such as posters and t-shirts.
Nose Pilot – A fast moving tour through a made up world of strange, abstract, fun imagery.
PrizeWinner.com – Win free prizes by playing video games online. The better you play, the more Prize Bucks you earn towards prizes like CD’s, videos, digital cameras, MP3 players, video games, DVD’s, boomboxes, toys, vacations, and more.
eMode.com – Hundreds of fun tests you can take online.
eLibs – Mad Libs, where you can browse 1000’s of stories that our users have created or you can create your own.
Funky Pages – Hundreds of funny photos, cartoons, sound clips, and brain teasers.

Reflex Tester Game
– Test your reflexes online.

You Watch TV?
– If you had your choice, vote on which character you would
want to get rid of from popular TV shows: Seinfeld, Scooby
Doo, The Brady Bunch, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Felicity,
Friends, Happy Days, Dawson’s Creek, Ally McBeal, ER, and

– A web site full of cool images to keep you amazed and
entertained. Try the flight simulator, watch virtual
fireworks, see the birth of a galaxy, play with fractals,
and more.

Nutrition Calculator
Enter a food such as “Big Mac” or “Chocolate
Chip Cookie” and find out the exact nutrition content
such as calories, fat, protein, carbohydrates, etc. The
calculator knows over 20,000 foods, including products you
buy at the supermarket and fast food chains: Burger King,
Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and more.

– Read stories written by fans of your favorite TV shows (Buffy,
Dawson’s Creek, X-Files, Friends, Xena…), movies (Star
Wars, Matrix, Titanic…), music groups (Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC…),
comics (Batman, X-Men…) , books (Harry Potter, Anne Rice,
Animorphs…), video games (Pokemon, Myst, Zelda…), and

you have a crush?
eCRUSH® offers many ways to improve your love
life: find out online if someone you know has a crush on you
(with no risk of rejection), ask a question to The Advice
Girl, find out which member of *NSYNC is your soulmate,
browse the Web’s largest collection of pick-up lines, or
hear about real life horror dates.

of the Weird

– News of the Weird is the longest-running, most widely-read
bizarre-but-all-true news feature in the United States. A
weekly column based upon this site appears in more than 250
newspapers in the U.S. and Canada.

Money Surfing The Web
– pays you up to $500 cash instantly
for signing up for free offers, searching the web, shopping
online, and more. They have paid out over 9 million dollars
so far. You must be 13 years of age or older to participate.

– Find out what famous events happened on your birthday

– Adopt a virtual pet online: dogs, cats, horses, hamsters,
birds, snakes, and turtles. Feed your pet, take it for
walks, groom it, make it do tricks, play frisbee with it, or
buy it toys. Also try NeoPets.com
for more virtual pets.

– Find out when people think popular
TV shows started to go bad, such as: The Brady Bunch, The
X-Files, ER, Seinfeld, Buffy, Ally McBeal, Beverly Hills
90210, The Simpsons, and more.

Stuff Works

Have you ever wanted to know: how chocolate is made, how
toilets work, how light sabers work, how silencers work, how
root beer is made, what cause farts, and other important


Listen online to MIDI versions of pop hits from artists such
as the Backstreet Boys, Madonna, Korn, Eminem, TLC, Britney
Spears, Ricky Martin, Limp Bizkit, Alanis Morissette, and
others. For more MIDI’s, try Ifni
MIDI Music

Look at satellite and aerial photos of your house or
neighborhood online.

Read your favorite comic strips online: Peanuts, Garfield,
Dilbert, B.C., Cathy, Doonesbury, Healthcliff, Rugrats,
Wizard of Id, Ziggy, and over 100 more.

Over 500 riddles for you to ponder.

Hollywood Stock Exchange

– A virtual stock market where you buy and sell shares of
your favorite movies, rock groups, and Hollywood stars. As
their popularity increases, so does the value of your
portfolio. Play for free.


Translates text or web pages into various funny dialects
such as Redneck, Jive, Cockney, Elmer Fudd, Swedish Chef,
Moron, or Pig Latin.

Straight Dope
Find out true answers to many of life’s most interesting

Video Games
Online versions of the arcade classics Breakout, Pacman,
Asteroids, Centipede, Frogger, plus dozens of modern video
games, board games, card games, racing games, and puzzles.
If this site does not have the game you are looking for,
Click Here to
try a similar site which also offers 3D and multi-player
games. If you have trouble loading these games (or are a
WebTV user),


Game Downloads and Reviews
– Download free PC/MAC games and read
reviews of games for Playstation, Nintendo, and Dreamcast.

Ultimate Band List

Find lots of information about any band, such as photos,
audio clips, chat, tour info, fan sites, and more.


– Find out the truth about well known folklore stories (old
wives’ tales, strange news stories, rumors, and gossip).

– Search over 135 million birth records for the Birthdate of
someone. Once you have the date, you can also register for
their free email reminder service.

Movie Database

Use the search box on the top of their page to search movie
reviews for over 200,000 films. Also find local movie
showtimes and movie industry news.

– Read thousands of reviews from other
web surfers of movies, music, computers, books, cars,
travel, and more. Or, write your own reviews.


Find the words to thousands of songs. Also try these
databases: SongLyrics
and lyrics.com

Cave of Magic

This simple online card trick will amaze you.

of Brian
Useless facts, funny philosophies, silly games, comical
quotes, trivia contests, top 10 lists, madlibs, and more!

Jokes By E-Mail

Subscribe for free to daily email magazines such as Laff A
Day (Jokes), Dear Abby (Advice), Daily Horoscopes, Pet
Connection, Entertainment Today, Bizarre News, Wrestling
News (WWF, WCW & NWO), Film & TV Quotes, Time
Capsules (Significant Events on This Day in History), The
Daily Recipe, & Quote of the Day.

$95,093.35 check
On a whim, Patrick Combs deposited into his bank’s ATM
machine one of those “fake” checks you get in a
junk mail letter, never expecting it to get cashed. But, to
his surprise, they did cash it. That was only the beginning
of his fascinating true story. Hear his amazing saga from
beginning to end.

You Owed Unclaimed Money?
– You may be owed unclaimed money by
the government. Search the FindCash database of over 11
million names for FREE to see if you name is on the list.
This money can come from such sources as old bank accounts,
wills, insurance, tax refunds, and previous employers.

Densa Quiz
Take a very clever 12 question test to see how smart you


Celebrity Gossip, Interviews, and Entertainment News.

Darwin Awards

True stories of stupid things people do that got them

Send a free virtual flower bouquet.

Tests, Tests
Dozens of online test that you can take for free:
personality, IQ, emotional states, career, stress,
lifestyle, dating, and many others.


Play games online for free with with other web surfers:
Chess, Checkers, Blackjack, Backgammon, Bridge, Gin, Go
Fish, Poker, Fantasy Football, Fantasy Baseball, Stock
Market Challenge, and more.

– Fart of the day, fart jokes &
stories, sound files, and general fart info. If you like
farts.com, you might also like


Death Clock

Check out your death day and watch the seconds slip through
your fingers.

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