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I also didn’t want to rewrite them to make them look “prettier” as I usually do lol 😝. I like that it shows my raw emotions at that time. I wish I would have dated them, I think it was back in 2014-2015 when I was at my worst. But thank goodness for therapy, anxiety medication, and groups like you and ASCA that make me feel less alone in this world!

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  1. Beth Benditt says:

    Ale D. so glad you are doing better!!! I have been down that road many times. Can’t(and won’t) do meds anymore but am in the middle of my second course of TMS and again it is working! Felt great after the first, the end of May but due to health and personal issues, plus throw a little pandemic in with it, and I spiraled down again. I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse by a family member and actually a few years ago got an apology from him,(something very rare) thanks in part to the therapist I was seeing at the time. I am 65 and have dealt with anxiety, depression and PTSD for many decades…
    Hope you continue to do well!!!!
    Sending hugs and support!

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