AddictionVictims of childhood abuse are prone to addictions because of the need to suppress or avoid strong feelings. There is a high correlation between addiction and abuse and you may have learned addictive patterns of coping with problems by observing your parent or abuser. If you have an addictive pattern in your life you are less likely to face your inner wounds. Therefore it is crucial to your healing journey that you take the first step in breaking the cycle of addiction.

When habits or behaviours such as drinking, drug taking or gambling come to dominate daily life and people find themselves powerless to stop the chaos despite many promises to do so, then it is very likely that an addiction is active. Addictions can be formed to any activity or behaviour which allows people to escape from life and its problems and includes shopping or spending, sexual activities, gambling, food, prescribed and illegal drugs, alcohol and even other people. There is a growing problem in drug and alcohol abuse amongst young people. Fortunately, it is a highly treatable condition and this section is set up to help people learn about the illness and sources of help.

This section is still under construction.

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