Do I have a Problem?

Do I have a problem?

The questions below will help you decide whether it would be useful to seek further advise or clarification. If you find that you answer yes to more than three or four questions then it may be worth you getting further information.

Questionnaire :

Do you use alcohol to boost your self confidence?

Do you drink to help you cope with problems?

Have you ever missed school or work due to alcohol?

Has anyone else commented on your drinking?

Do you feel guilty after drinking?

Has you drinking caused trouble for you at home, work or school?

Do you feel more at ease around other people when drinking?

Do you think you have a problem with alcohol?

Have you lost friends since you started drinking?

Do you ever have trouble remembering what happened the night before?

Have you been in trouble with the police due to drinking?

Do you borrow money, or steal in order to buy drink?

Do you need to drink more than you used to in order to get the effect you want?

Has anyone in your family had a drink problem?

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