Do I have a problem?

Do I have a problem?

Everyone will have their own picture of what a drug addict is. It may be the image of the junkie shooting up heroin, and although this may represent one facet of drug addiction the vast majority of addicts do not conform to this stereotype. Addiction can affect anyone and there are many drugs, both legal (for example tranquillisers and sleeping tablets etc.) and illegal (cocaine, cannabis etc.) that people can become addicted to.
The questions below will help you decide whether it would be useful to seek further advise or clarification. If you find that you answer yes to more than three or four questions then it may be worth you getting further information.

Questionnaire :

Do you use drugs to escape when life’s problem seem too much to bear?

Do the above actions effectively change your mood ?

Has the quantity of drugs or frequency of using increased over the past year or two ?

Has the effect of the drug decreased over the last year or two so that you have to take larger amounts to achieve a desired effect ?

Has your drug taking caused upset in your family or place of work ?

Do other non using people say that your drug taking is a problem or out of control ?

Do you often find that you use a larger quantity of drugs than you initially set out to take ?

Do you find that you are powerless to stop using drugs once you have started ?

Do you feel you ‘belong’ to the human race more when you are using ?

Do you suffer emotional consequences after using; such as guilt, shame, remorse, self loathing or a sense of hopelessness ?

Have you ever used drugs in order to relieve these feelings ?

Have you ever tried to stop using for any length of time ?

Have you ever considered ending your life because of your drug habit ?

Do you continue to use even when the consequences of previous episodes are unresolved; e.g. getting more drugs even when your partner has threatened to leave if you continue using ?

Have you ever attended a meeting of Narcotics Anonymous or similar ?

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