havoca affirmationsNothing in this World is more important than a healthy state of mind. With that, all things are possible. A healthy state of mind compliments any life situation. Affirmations are a powerful way for conditioning the mind to maintain optimum health throughout our entire life. Affirmations are practiced by writing them out on paper, saying them out loud to ourselves, rehearsing them privately in our minds, recording them and playing them back. Here are a few guidelines for practicing Affirmations:

Affirm that something is happening here and now. Be careful that you are not affirming something will happen in the future. This is actually a negative affirmation, which says, “Oh, someday I will be rich.” Place the results in today, rather than the future.

Affirm only the desired result, without placing any hidden reference to undesired things. For example: Affirm that “My relationship is healthy and loving,” rather than affirming “My boring relationship is getting better.”

Affirm what you want, rather than what you want to get rid of.

Use the first person, and include your full name in every affirmation sentence. Example: “I, Russell G. Alexander, am a happy, healthy, wholesome person.” Practice only one or two affirmations at a time, giving them time to work on the subconscious before moving on to other affirmations. Affirmations are like planting seeds. Nourish them with continued energy everyday. Give them time to work, and sprout results. Be open to creative ways that affirmations manifest results.

Affirmations are practiced by repetition, and are done everyday. Repetition produces results, excuses don’t. Write them out ten or twenty times each morning and each evening. Record and play them back while exercising, working, driving. Paste them on notes around your house. Rehearse them in your mind when challenged by a difficult situation. Cultivate What You Want To Grow.

Work with any subconscious fallout from your affirmations, but don’t quit doing the affirmation. Positive mind conditioning can cause all sorts of hidden subconscious material to surface. If you begin to experience negative feelings, or stubborn negative thoughts, it means the affirmations are producing results and shaking lose subconscious material.

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  1. Chris turner says:

    I believe this website well be a great help , I can’t wait to get started.

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