Getting Started Affirmations

I have a basic trust that my affirmations will work and my efforts will be rewarded.

My mind is constantly creating optimistic and positive thoughts all day long about everything I do.

I was born with a limitless capacity for wellness and growth.

I like myself, because I know my Identity and Uniqueness.

I am One Hundred Percent alive, because I think, speak, and act enthusiastically.

I bring great Concentration to bear upon any subject at any time.

I am efficient in everything that I do.

I face problems with Courage, and thus solve any and all problems easily.

I have a completely relaxed Self-Assurance, and I am Sure of myself in all situations and with all people.

I Persevere and Finish any task that I undertake.

I am Honest with myself, and with everyone else.

I treat all problems as opportunities to be Creative, knowing that my qualities of Leadership are Determined by the Creativity I use in every part of my life.

I possess an Abundant supply of Energy and draw upon it at will.

I am Well-Organized in every phase of my life.

I have a Fantastic Memory. It grows better and better everyday.

I am an Enthusiastic Speaker; well prepared, logical, and sincere before any group.

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