Parenting Affirmations

We tell children how we expect them to behave and feel about themselves by how we affirm them, by what we say to them and about them.

Here are some affirmations to nurture your children as they grow through the different stages of their life.

* Affirmations For Being:
o I’m glad you are here
o You have every right to be here
o Your needs are OK with me
o I’m glad you are a boy/girl
o You don’t have to hurry
o I like to hold you

* Affirmations For Starting To Do Things On Your Own:
o I see that you are doing things on your own
o I approve of your curiosity to learn and grow
o You don’t have to do tricks to get approval
o It’s OK to do things on your own and still get support
o I support you and I’m interested in you learning new things
o I support your discovery of new abilities and skills
o I will protect you when you need me to

* Affirmations For Learning To Think:
o You are learning to think about cause and effect
o I’m glad you are growing up
o I really like your mature thinking
o I am interested in your thoughts and ideas
o I will listen to your thoughts, ideas, and opinions
o I’m not afraid of your anger
o You can both think and feel at the same time
o You don’t have to take care of me
o You can be sure about what you need
o You can trust yourself

* Affirmations For Learning Who We Are:
o I see that you have your own feelings and power
o You have the power to make important choices
o You can ask in straight ways for what you need
o You can be powerful and still have needs
o You don’t have to put on an act to get what you need
o You can express your feelings straight
o It’s OK to make mistakes
o You are a good person
o You can be yourself

* Affirmations For Getting Ready To Do Things Our Own Way:
o You can claim your own way of looking at things
o I see that you are taking care of yourself
o I value your independence and your wisdom
o You can do it your way
o It’s OK to disagree
o You don’t have to suffer to get what you need
o The universe is abundant and will help you
o I will be here for you if you need me

* Affirmations For Working Through Old Problems and Separating From
o I see that you are working through your problems
o You can decide yourself about sexual needs
o It’s OK to recycle problems until they are solved
o It’s OK to change and separate, be on your own
o It’s OK to be a responsible person in the world
o It’s OK to know who you are and be grown up
o You’re welcome to come home again
o I love you

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