Positive Self Talk

Positive Self Talk

Positive Self Talk is similar to an Affirmation, yet a step beyond Affirmations.

Positive Self Talk is an extended affirmation, longer than a sentence, perhaps a paragraph, maybe a page long. It is purposefully interjecting and rehearsing positive information in the flow of our Mind Talk.

I have included some written examples; however, Positive Self Talk is more like an intuitive, deliberate, and seriously positive conversation one has with their own self. It is deliberate, forcefully repetitive, and seriously positive. The most important rule in practicing Positive Self Talk is that everything must be Strongly Positive. It is forcefully feeding the mind a constant flow of positive words, phrases, ideas, attitudes, and beliefs for as long as you can keep it up.

Do this while driving to work, waiting for a bus, waiting for an appointment. Do it for a half hour right after a Morning Prayer or meditation.

Instead of reading something written, try calling on your own inner source and intuition for positive thinking. Just start producing positive words, phrases, sentences in your mind.

To get started, keep presenting your mind with the task of creating a positive word, phrase, or sentence. Hold this task in front of your mind every second. Every second, keep telling your mind to, “Produce Positive …” and let it fill in the blank. If the response is anything but positive, then your mind didn’t answer the task. Instantly present the task again, without even the smallest thought of the previous response.

Once the process gets going, watch your natural intuition for Positive Thinking take off on a theme of some kind–a spiritual theme, a financial theme, a relationship theme. Go with it. Keep soliciting strong positive information about anything.

This technique will eventually require some level of consciousness, or ability to observe what your own mind is doing. Otherwise, you will unwittingly just slip off the task. In this sense it is a bit beyond simple affirmations, and more like a meditation. You will need the ability to observe what your own mind is producing second by second, while rejecting anything other than Positive words, and simultaneously stay on task with the directive–“Produce Positive …”

Like a meditation, you must stay focused on one and only one

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