Prosperity Affirmations

I am powerfully positive in everything I think, do, and say.

I have an ever-renewing storehouse of energy everyday in my life.

Because I am so thorough and skilled in my work, the universe is constantly rewarding me.

The universe is generous and gives me everything I need, everyday.

I am extremely rich in blessings, intelligence, character, wisdom, skills, insight.

I already possess within me anything I need to become anything I want to be.

Money comes to me easily and abundantly.

I am very prosperous in all my business dealings.

I am positive and prosperous in everything I do, everyday.

I interact easily and positively with all other people; therefore, people love doing business with me.

Because of my qualities, people are positively attracted to me as a business person.

People seek me out to do business with me because they like my qualities.

I perform work tasks with great skill and friendliness; therefore, people are always coming to me for opportunities.

Prosperity is always working to find ways of expressing itself in my life.

My prosperity shines in my personality, and others enjoy being with me.

I possess an endless supply of creativity, energy, tolerance for any work or project that I assume.

Prosperous people are attracted to me.

I have abundant qualities that always propel me toward prosperity.

The world is a playground, and I have heart-felt fun everyday, as prosperity in everything I think, do, and say is constantly created.

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