Relationship Affirmations

I am positive, secure and confident in myself: therefore, positive, secure, confident people are attracted to me everyday.

I know clearly who I am and what I want in personal relationships.

I attract powerfully positive and healthy people into my life.

I am caring, wise, supportive and fun to be with.

I feel completely at ease and comfortable with all people.

I am a winner in all my relationships.

I make valuable contributions in my relationships everyday.

I have a rich collection of friends who value my qualities.

I experience all my personal relationships with great consciousness.

I am always being guided in my personal relationships by a powerful and wise inner spiritual self.

I am powerfully and intuitively guided with any changes in my personal relationships.

Growth and change in my intimate love relationships is always directed toward good.

I am wise, honest, thoughtful, healthy in my love relationships, and others treat me the same.

I experience love deeply, and grow richer because of this everyday.

I am extremely successful in my love relationships .

I am a sensual, thoughtful, passionate lover, and my partner/s are sensual, thoughtful, and passionate in their love for me..

I am a fully alive human being with an ever-renewing trust for love in my life.

All my desires in relationships are being fulfilled everyday.

I possess complete ability to express my feelings, intentions, thoughts in all my relationships, and I express myself wisely.

Because I am completely confident in my health, honesty, and inner wisdom, I invest in personal relationships knowing deeply that I can deal with anything I may need to.

I know only love, and have completely forgotten how to be afraid in any of my relationships.

I always do the healthy thing in my relationships.

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