Anxiety Links

Anxiety Links

Panic Disorder Center of LA  A comprehensive and informative site dedicated to the treatment of panic disorder.

Fear of Flying Help Course  Free online Fear of Flying Help Course Created by a Commercial Airline Pilot. Take it in the privacy of your home, at your leisure, for no charge!


Social Anxiety Center  Overcome public speaking and social anxiety with gradual exposure in manageable steps.

Panic Disorders: An Overview  A wide ranging distillation of research based insights into causes, treatments, comorbid conditions, and genetically related conditions.

Wallsend Self Help Group  Wallsend Self Help Group offers support and advice to sufferers of anxiety, depression, OCD, other phobias, and stress related problems.  An online videoconferencing anxiety psychologist.

OCD Center of Los Angeles  Info on OCD and related disorders, a description of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, a list of suggested books, and links to over 40 online resources.

childhood anxiety  A web based organization dealing with education and treatment of Selective Mutism and all childhood anxiety disorders.


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