Looking Ahead

anxiety looking forwardAnxiety: Looking Ahead

Learning to be able to control anxiety is not easy, nor is it always a quick process. It takes time to rebuild shattered confidence and trust. Some people find that their anxiety doesn’t go away completely, but they do succeed in keeping it at a manageable level.

There may be times when you hit set-backs, perhaps if something unexpected or difficult crops up. It needs patience to carry on and not be discouraged, but if you do you will gradually feel more confident.

I felt like I’d been asleep for all that time. I’d gone through a long, bad dream.

Teaching yourself how to relax can be very helpful in preventing a build-up of tension again. You will get to recognise what your weak points are and can take steps to protect yourself.

For me it was very important to have company and something to do. Coming to the group was a big help in that respect. It was a distraction, kept my mind off my worries.

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