cycle of abuseVictims of child abuse are likely to have all sorts of behaviour problems. These may include violence, addictions, relationship conflict, sexual difficulties, commitment problems, and general communication issues.

The danger of facing these behaviours without support or help could drive the cycle of abuse even further. In many cases one of these behaviours will cause the victim to seek out help in the first place.

This behaviour section addresses three main areas:

Abuse and power
Controlling the behaviour

The important thing to notice is that changing the behavioural pattern will not necessarily solve the individuals problems. It is vitally important to complete the healing process, including coming to terms with feelings and attitudes, as well as behaviours.

A car body shop will not paint over a rusty car, as the rust will return. The rust must be removed, the new metal work treated and then paint applied – that way the car will return to it’s shiny self!!

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