DID Support


One of the most important things both of you can get is support. I cannot emphasize strongly enough the value of a good support system, for the survivor and the SO. You might be a real `he-man’, like I was, and poo-poo the need for any kind of support. After all, you’re doing fine.

Trust me, you’re not.

Online Support

The internet is a wonderful place to find anything, and support is no exception. If you’re reading this online, I probably don’t have to tell you too much about the value of web surfing, newsgroups or forums.

There is also a specific DID Forum at the Psychnetwork


I have read Sybil, The Three Faces of Eve, The Magic Daughter, The Flock, When Rabbit Howls and MPD from the Inside Out. I highly recommend that you increase your knowledge of this subject, as it will affect you greatly in the future. One book with a ton of clinical information is “Dissociative Identity Disorder” by Colin Ross. It’s written in doctor-ese, so it’s not all that easy to read, but it’s well worth the ton of money they’re asking for it.

As for support books for us, I am aware of only one: Allies in Healing, by Laura Davis. Don’t borrow this book – go directly to the bookstore and purchase it. Although it’s the only book of its kind, we’re fortunate that it’s a decent book. It might not be of too much help to you at the very beginning, but check it out to see what applies immediately, then go back and read it later on, when it will make even more sense. The only caveat is that it tends to overemphasize the safety of the survivor, sometimes at the expense of YOU.

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