DID Symptoms

DID Symptoms

Here are a few symptoms of DID:

  • huge gaps and time losses

  • you keep popping into the middle of conversations

  • people that you do not know recognize you (this could also mean you’re famous)

  • you hear many voices from different people inside you

  • you sometimes feel like different people

  • unexplained happenings and purchases

  • headaches, headaches, headaches

  • self-mutilation

HAVOCA Dissociation identity disorder help for adult victims of child abuseRainbow Colors (of the newsgroup alt.support.dissociation) wants you to know: You aren’t crazy, there really is something going on and it has nothing to do with being crazy! Dissociation is a survival skill used to keep you alive in a traumatic event. 97% of all multiples in therapy remember something traumatic so the chances are good you will too. This can be medical, sexual, physical or some natural disaster. The important thing is that it is something that happened more than once and you couldn’t deal with it in any other way. It is important to find someone external to your system to do reality checks with. This could be an SO, a friend, a therapist or whatever. Make sure the person is validating and safe and then use them to check out any misperceptions you have that are causing you trouble. And most important, you are NOT alone! Shiloh talks about art therapy: art has been increasingly helpful for me. I get a big dirty mound of clay and make it into whatever. Usually it travels from my gut through my heart and through my fingertips; always bypassing my brain. This is good. I don’t have to think. Just create. I love to see what is in my gut and how my heart interprets this. i fire the little creations in a kiln and display them for all the world to see. Personally i think that they are a little on the strange side, but people seem to either really like it, or really hate it.


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