Guilt and Shame

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The legacy of child abuse is a distortion of a child’s trust, their judgement, their relationships, and their love – but it is a cycle which is breakable. By understanding the events which led to the abuse, and the web of guilt created for you by the abuser, you can begin to relinquish the burden of guilt, shame and confusion that you have carried for so long. We hope the information in this section will help you to do just that.

2 Responses to Guilt and Shame

  1. MARK KONG says:

    The response to years of confusion, believing those who had committed this crime. Force respect from me, even today because of financial limitations I am forced to have neighbours who had committed this crime. As a mixed ethnic origin child, I told my religious beliefs should direct devotion to my may abusers. And financial limitations force this devotion. The case zI am told I should be compensated for after sexual abuse whilst a resident at a precious community home previously in Market Weighton(St Williams Community Home, involved three members of the religious brotherhood). This case has taken over 30 years to be continually returned to court. As each case at court I am accussed of insisting the abuse/ sexual abuse. And my ethnic beliefs should change paths away from Buddhism to Catholicism and away from myself most importantly.

  2. Fellow survivor says:

    Dear Mark Kong, it is not up to your abusers to tell you how to feel or how to move forward. They also have NO right to interfere in your religious beliefs and/or practices. You are now a survivor of abuse, not a victim. Stop allowing them to victimize you! It’s a hard lesson to learn, I know. I am struggling too even years later. But a counselor years ago told me to stop being a victim and start learning to become a survivor. At first it made me angry; but in time, I realized her point was valid. We MUST find a way to stop the victimization and live our lives the way we see fit. It isn’t their decision. It’s your decision. As far as your religious beliefs, just know the God loves you in a way no human is capable of loving you. He wants what’s best for you and God doesn’t expect us to discount our feelings or emotions. He wants us to live life to its fullest and you can only do that when you are true to yourself and leave these abusers in the dust! Must love and peace to you my fellow survivor.

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