Abusive Relationships

Warning Signs of an Abusive Relationship

If you can answer yes to any of the questions below, then you may be in an
abusive relationship. Keep your eyes open…there are too many abusers out

  • Does your date act jealous when you talk to others, even your friends?
  • Does your date criticize what you do, what you wear, and who your friends are?
  • Do you feel that your opinion is neither important nor welcome in your relationship?
  • Are you pressured by your date into drinking more alcohol than you want?
  • Does your date control your body in small ways such as holding you too tight, pulling you around by the hand, and ignoring when you pull away?
  • Does your date become angry or violent easily?
  • Are you forced into sexual activity that you don’t want?
  • Does your date call you insulting names?
  • Does your date tell degrading jokes just to upset you?
  • Does your date show interest in others just to upset you?
  • Are you or someone close to you threatened physically by your date?
  • Does your date harm you physically or emotionally?

If you think you’re involved in an abusive relationship, seek help right away!

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