But it costs so much!

But it costs so much!

havoca cost TherapyYes it does! One person recently worked out that seeing her therapist once a week for a year was costing the same as the depreciation costs on a small family car. She went on to consider whether she could afford not to pay for her car and then to consider whether she could afford not to have the therapy.

This particular person later realised that although the therapy was costing her a lot, not just in terms of money but also time, energy and emotional commitment, her life was becoming more satisfying. Her self-confidence at work had increased and she had gained an important promotion. She had not been physically ill for months although she had often needed time off work the previous year. On the whole she felt the cost was worth it.

But what if you really cannot afford psychotherapy? There are other possibilities for you to consider:

Many therapists working in private practice keep at least one vacancy for a low fee paying patient. Ask what is available and how long the waiting list may be;

Ask your GP to refer you for psychotherapy on the NHS. You may find the waiting lists are long and the treatment when you get it may be short term (although not necessarily so);

Some agencies operate a ‘pay according to your means’ system The WPF Network (with centres in Kensington, Enfield, Chelmsford, Woodford and elsewhere, and individuals working locally) does this. If you are aged under 24 years Waltham Forest has a young people’s counselling service – Under 21s (in Hoe Street) and this service is free. Another agency is Open Door (in Crouch End), also for young people at reduced fees. Most agencies have long waiting lists;

Most of the main psychotherapy training organisations for psychotherapists are looking for ‘training’ patients. In return for paying a reduced rate you are allocated a therapist who is in training but who is carefully supervised by a senior colleague. This can be a very good arrangement for some patients who need therapy several times a week and who couldn’t possibly afford it otherwise;

Another option may be psychoanalytic group therapy, which may be available either at an NHS hospital or at an organisation like WPF at lower fees than individual therapy (WPF Therapy is a leading charitable provider of talking therapies or psychological therapies).

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