Learning to Trust Yourself

trust yourselfLearning to Trust Yourself

Learning to trust starts with trusting yourself. What we learnt in the Feelings Section needs to be believed by you. You need to trust and believe in your feelings, needs and emotions. You need to be able to express them and you need them to be responded to.

You may not be able to trust yourself to choose trustworthy people. Or your lack of trust may manifest itself in not setting realistic limits within the relationship.

Trusting your perceptions of others and of your own needs and limits is crucial to having self esteem and, ultimately, healthy relationships. Otherwise you could find yourself constantly taking care of others at the expense of your own needs. It is also important to verbalize these needs so others do not have to mind read. You have to learn to trust your gut feeling response and then honour it. This means learning to say no when your gut feelings says no and learning to speak up when the little voice inside you says, Hey, you, wake up!! I need something.

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