Swept Away on the Turbulent Wave of Remembering

Swept Away on the Turbulent Wave of Remembering – Childhood Sexual Abuse


wave of turbulence

Remembering is a wave of turbulence
Spiraling down
Believing you will die from its force
Or drown in your grief over your loss of innocence
Tumbling round and round
Repeating over and over
I was just a child

At times the ride feels terrifying
At times hopeless
You want to rage at the injustice!
How could this have happened?
Will this ever end?

It Will End If you don’t give up and
You ride the wave to completion
The immense turbulence will lessen
And the once scary ride will be joyous

What emotions surface for you when you read this poem?
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Lori Golden

About Lori Golden

Lori Golden is passionate about helping both trauma and abuse survivors on their healing journey. Her work today is an outgrowth of her recovery from childhood incest and addictions. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, she combines various therapies she has gained knowledge and experience in over the years in her practice. Lori does not limit herself to one modality of practice since her client’s needs vary. She believes there are many roads that lead to an individual’s healing. Her first book, My House of Lies (https://lorigoldenauthor.com/books/), is a memoir about her addiction, recovery and overcoming childhood incest after thirty-seven years of amnesia. More significantly, her book reveals a remarkable journey to seek the truth, reclaim parts of herself that was lost to dissociation and addiction, and turn her own trauma and abuse into a passion to help others face their challenges. Lori inspires and motivates others to seek their truth and heal in her consulting and presentations.

3 Responses to Swept Away on the Turbulent Wave of Remembering

  1. AvatarLucky says:

    I want you to promise that what you say is true and then I won’t believe you. I want to ask what’s the point? Why swim against it… Why not just drown? What’s the reward for all this pain, is it even worth it? People would understand if I drowned in the turbulence, she tried her best they’d say… Why should I spend my whole life undoing something that wasn’t my doing? I mean those who gave me life have taken it off me and replaced it with pain and regret. If life wants me gone then why fight it?
    Those are the feelings this brings up in me. I have no answers for the genius living in my head.

  2. AvatarDebbie says:

    I’m not sure why living within Domestic Violence and sexual abuse have to be separated when discussing feelings, emotions and thoughts.
    The same shame exists in both, the same overwhelming emotions exist in both, the same f**ked up life exists with both. Yet sexual abuse as awful as it is and I’m a survivor of i, always seems to be more important than other abuse, abuse is abuse no matter what the form
    Everything in this poem could’ve been written for a person who went through domestic abuse so why label it sexually abuse? Because all this does is shames a person who went through domestic abuse as if it was nothing really at least it wasn’t sexual abuse, well excuses me but it might as well have been because the effects are the same.

  3. AvatarSara says:

    Remembering my childhood is very painful. I am overwhelmed by what I have successfully locked away. I am angry and disturbed by what I have endured. What do I do with these emotions? I feel very very alone but I am not…there are many like me who have suffered as I have. There must be a reason. I hope exploring my childhood will lead to a sense of freedom, openness and peace.

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