In the Shadow of An Abuser


In the Shadow of An Abuser Victims of child abuse have a plethora of literature that encourages them to move beyond the abuse. They are inspired to channel their pain and overcome the obstacles they were presented with as children. All the resources available for this demographic are useful. However, … Continue reading

Four Healing Journey Mantras

The best place to find a helping hand is at the end of your own arm

Four Healing Journey Mantras A mantra, according to the dictionary is (originally in Hinduism and Buddhism) a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation. Mantras can be used to deal with issues by refocusing the brain and reinforcing a positive outlook on the healing process. The healing journey … Continue reading

Your Thinking Grows Up

havoca emotions thinking balance

“Unless we can hear each other singing and crying, unless we can comfort each other’s failures and cheer each other’s victories, we are missing out on the best that life has to offer. The only real action takes place on the bridge between people.” Author Unknown Your Thinking Grows Up … Continue reading