Survivors and the Food Connection

Survivors and the Food Connection By Suzanne Scott and Lynne M. Constantine Many of us survived the experience of childhood trauma, in part, through our relationships with food. We used treats to comfort ourselves. We compulsively stuffed ourselves with food to avoid feeling anger, grief, and frustration. We gained weight … Continue reading

Research Findings on the Sexual Abuse of Males

Research Findings on the Sexual Abuse of Males by David 0. McCall, M.Div. A major difficulty in the study of child sexual abuse and adult survivors is accurately assessing occurrence. Incidence — the number of cases occurring in a given time frame (usually years) — is expressed as a number … Continue reading

Preparing for Surgery – A Survivors Guide

Preparing for Surgery: Suggestions for Survivors By Lynne M. Constantine and Suzanne Scott Impending surgery generates a certain amount of anxiety in almost everyone. The thought of being put to sleep and operated on, no matter how routine and safe the procedure, is unpleasant at best. Many people fear waking … Continue reading

Assessing the Cost of Trauma

Assessing the Cost of Trauma By Mary Anne Reilly Looking at the correlation between physical and mental health problems and a history of sexual abuse will require us to reassess how we analyze and diagnose physical and mental illness. This, of course, will take time and cost money. But the … Continue reading

Female perpetrators: Child Sexual Abuse

Female Perpetration of Child Sexual Abuse: An Overview of the Problem By Lisa Lipshires Although Turner had previously counseled male sex offenders, she had never encountered a woman who wanted to sexually abuse a child. Alarmed, she consulted other therapists, but none had ever encountered — or even heard of … Continue reading

The Legal Consequences of Speaking Out About Abuse

The Legal Consequences of Speaking Out About Abuse By Elaine P. English Acknowledging the realities of abuse is an important part of the recovery of all survivors. In many cases, this acknowledgment is made publicly. There are, however, serious legal consequences associated with public statements about acts of abuse, and … Continue reading