The Journal

The Journal by Silent Voice Having taken the brave and somewhat seemingly out of the blue decision to disclose, this step led me into uncharted territory and a whole new set of difficult thoughts and feelings emerged. Actually not so much emerged – more as though I had been hit … Continue reading

Holiday Cheers or Tears

Holiday Cheers or Tears By Eliana Gil, Ph.D. Why is it that so many people look forward to the holidays while others can’t wait for them to come and go quickly? The reasons are complex. Holiday seasons are times of the year that symbolize family unity, friendships, giving and receiving, … Continue reading


Forward by Cheryl – Sharing: This letter was sent to me by another adult/survivor. I thank her for coming forward and sharing her story with me. It was a big step and I truly appreciate her allowing me to submit her letter and my response to Havoca. Hopefully, through our … Continue reading

Addressing a Spouse’s Fears About Parenting

Dear Dr. Gil: I saw in Moving Forward that you answer questions from husbands of survivors. I would like your opinion on the following: My wife was severely abused physically by her mother and father. Consequently, she has many fears about being hurt and she is very shy and stays … Continue reading