Treading Water

Treading Water I’m going nowhere fast Still re-living the past I’m not where I wanna be But I’ll get there, you’ll see! Having taken many steps I still harbour regrets I’m closer than I used to be I will get there, you’ll see! Starting another new chapter But with gremlins … Continue reading

Someone like me

Someone like me When I was fifteen, sixteen, seventeen Before anyone bothered, to intervene Nobody questioned, my need to be alone This was before C.D’s, and the mobile phone I used to walk for hours, cross the fields I’d roam No real purpose, so long as I, was not home … Continue reading

Pen to Paper

Pen to Paper I wanted to put pen to paper today It’s really not that easy Figuring out what i want and need to say It’s making me feel measly Attempting to put my thoughts in some order It’s causing me to panic Straightening out the levels of disorder So … Continue reading

I guess I’m not that Strong

I guess I’m not that strong Let me paint a picture, of a house beside the sea Where there’s smiles and laughter and happiness, a proper family It was never quite like this though, not even in my dreams It was always me against you all, always different teams. I’ve … Continue reading

Dealing with Life

Dealing with Life by Amber DeAnn I sit, trying to be physically and mentally still. The world’s noise and chaos assaults me like a Samaurai warrior—big, bold, strong, relentless, persecuting. I’m ready. I inhale, hold the breath to retreat into the invisible, exhale to feel my new strength, inhale, hold, … Continue reading

Melancholy Boy

Melancholy Boy by Nigel Rickman Bay-windowed houses line the street Gardens tended, hedges neat. From one of those bays a Boy does stare At his World so safe,without a care. At the end of the street a black cloud does drift From kilns,belching smoke,when the men are on shift. He … Continue reading

When I’m Feeling Better

When I’m feeling better. When I’m feeling better I wont think of you for a whole fortnight. When I’m feeling better I wont freeze and retch in bed with my partner. When I’m feeling better This low level pervasive sadness will be gone. When I’m feeling better I will pity … Continue reading

The Road to Success

The Road to Success The road to success is not straight. There is a curve called failure, a loop called confusion, speed bumps called friends, red lights called enemies, caution lights called family; you will have flats called jobs. But…if you have a spare called determination, an engine called perseverance, … Continue reading