Conflict in Cyberspace

Conflict in Cyberspace Have you ever noticed how conflict can get blown out of proportion online? What may begin as a small difference of opinion, or misunderstanding, becomes a major issue very quickly. Conflict can be difficult at the best of times, but what is it about online communication that … Continue reading


Disclosure I would like to be able to write that my disclosure was the best choice I had made but post disclosure I felt so out of kilter that I hadn’t found the initial relief I had always dreamt about. My therapist had been great when I did tell him … Continue reading

Freedom to Fly

Freedom to Fly – Forward by Cheryl: This letter was written by John, an adult survivor of sexual abuse. I thank him for sharing his thoughts and feelings. Through sharing, we can truly learn what’s in the hearts of other survivors and hopefully learn through their experiences and learn the … Continue reading

The Legal Consequences of Speaking Out About Abuse

The Legal Consequences of Speaking Out About Abuse By Elaine P. English Acknowledging the realities of abuse is an important part of the recovery of all survivors. In many cases, this acknowledgment is made publicly. There are, however, serious legal consequences associated with public statements about acts of abuse, and … Continue reading