Trust and Guidance

From “Journey to the Heart – Daily Meditations on the Path
to Freeing Your Soul by Melody Beattie

Trust That Guidance Will Come

Trust and act on the guidance you have now.

Some parts of our lives appear like a long, paved highway.
We can see exactly where to go; we have a panoramic view.
Other times, it may feel like we’re driving in the dark
with only one headlight on a winding road through the fog.
We can only see a few feet in front of the car.

Don’t worry if you can’t see that far ahead., if you only
have a glimmer of light to guide your path. Slow down.
Listen to your heart. Guidance will come. Trust what you
hear. Do the small thing. Take that one step. Go as far
as you can see.

Then go back to your heart, and you’ll hear the next step.
It may be a step of immediate action, or deliberate
inaction. Sometimes you may have to quiet down, and
prepare yourself to hear what you’re to do next.

Trust and act on the guidance
you have now, and more will come.

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