How public opinion is manipulated away from the root of Child Sexual Abuse

“Politics are usually the executive expression of human immaturity.“ Vera Brittain (1964) The Rebel Passion: A Short History of Some Pioneer Peace-Makers Meet the EU’s alleged fight against Child Sexual Abuse; its proposed regulation against Online Child Sexual Abuse Material, or short CSAM. journalists, whistleblowers and freedom of speech subject … Continue reading

Fallout – Memoir of a freckle face freak


Fallout – Memoir of a freckle face freak by Nancy Dahlhauser My name is Nancy Dahlhauser. I wrote a memoir, Fallout; memoir of a freckle face freak, that chronicles my journey of recovery from a childhood rape. My goal is to share my story for FREE with fellow survivors and … Continue reading

Survivor Book of the Month – March 21

Survivor Book of the Month This month’s book shifts the focus from the Survivor to the Survivor’s Loved One.  It delivers the answers to some commonly asked questions; “But what about me?” “Is it possible to go one day without dealing with the survivor’s issues?” “Will we ever make love … Continue reading

My self-destruct button and I

self destruct

My self-destruct button and I Origin of self harming behaviour I have always had an “all or nothing” type nature and a bit of a competitive streak. I’m not sure if this originates, from simply having siblings, or whether this is an inherent feature. (Is it because of nature or … Continue reading